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Honey Mint Tea Recipe

Honey Mint Tea

This is a recipe for a refreshing tea. Ingredients: 4 cups of water 20 mint leaves honey 4 Stevia leaves Directions: Put water into a pan Bring to boil Add mint and Stevia leaves Steep leaves for 5 minutes Add honey to taste Add ice

Bee Biology: Proboscis

A proboscis is a bee’s tongue that sticks out to suck the nectar or water. When they’re done using it, they slide it back and fold it on top of their head. The picture shows a dead bee I found on this sidewalk. She died with her proboscis out. Source of information:

Update On My Hive

A month and a half ago I got my new beehive. We have done three inspections since we got the hive. The bees have stored up their pollen pantries and put some honey in the hive. They’ve built up some new honeycomb. The picture of the frame is new comb they have built. We found […]

My New Bees

I got my new bees a couple of weeks ago. We got the bees from a fellow 4-H member. He kept them in a nuke while the bees built comb on five frames. A nuc is a starter hive that can only hold 5 frames. We have been giving them sugar water for food so […]

My New Honeybee Top Bar Hive

I got my new top bar beehive in April. We first had to build the top bar hive. Then we had to paint it. I painted the hive light blue and the little orange square is where the observation window is. The observation window is a way to see the bees at work without disturbing […]

Honeybee Queen Lays Eggs

This video shows a queen bee laying her egg in a brood cell. The queen is marked with a blue dot. I got this video at the McDonald’s Garden Center Outdoor Show.  These frames of bees are from Ms. R’s of Hampton Roads Beekeepers topbar hive.

4H District Contest 2016

I went to the 4H District Contest two weekends ago. I did a power point presentation on extracting honey. You had a make a presentation and present it to the judges and answer any questions they asked you. I was doing a presentation on entomology. One of the question the judge asked me after my […]

Extracting Honey

Extracting honey from the comb isn’t as hard as it looks. It’s simple if you know what you’re doing. I went to my mentor, Mr. H’s, house to extract the honey. We started the day off inspecting the hive to see if there was honey to extract in the hive.  We also did inspections on […]

A Story of a Migratory Bee

This is a 4H project that I am doing on migratory honeybees. A migratory honeybee is a bee that travels from one place to another to help pollinate plants. I had to find which crops were grown in a 50-mile radius of where I live. Then I had to find out when they bloomed. Then […]

Anatomy of a Honeybee

I am posting this because in my club we are doing something called a Skillathon. We have to learn the basic body parts of a bee. The honeybee is an insect so it has three basic body parts. They are the head, thorax, and abdomen. Insects also have six legs, two antennae and some have […]