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Honeybee Emerging From Brood Cell

I got this cool video of a honey bee emerging from its cell. It’s in the upper left side of the video. It has worked through the brood cap and emerging into the hive for the first time.

Hive Update – Another Queen Lost

When we went into my top bar hive on Sunday we were looking for Queen Stalactite but came up short. We couldn’t find her and we only found drone brood (baby boy bees that looks like little bullet tops). This means that there is probably a worker laying eggs (which happens when there is no […]

Bee Communication

This is my presentation on bee communication I gave to my 4H bee club. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

My New Honeybee Queens

I now have two queens in my hives. There is a very long queen in my top bar that came from the graft. I named her Queen Stalactite because she is super long like a stalactite. She is not marked yet but she will be marked with a yellow dot the next time I go […]

Honeybee Swarm on Cherry Blossom Tree

Catching A Swarm

I was at Mr. H’s house getting the queen graft for my top bar hive, we were about to leave when Mr. H’s wife said there was a swarm nearby where we lived. We went to the swarm call with Mr. H. When we got there, we saw the swarm in a cherry blossom tree. […]

Superseding The Honeybee Queen

Superseding is what honeybees do when their queen is sick and can’t lay eggs right. If she is not laying eggs, they will take a larva and turn it into a queen by feeding it royal jelly longer than worker and drone bee larvae. The supersedure cells are usually in the middle of the frame. […]

Queen Cup On Comb

Hive Update March 2017

My hive is doing good but it looks like the bees are getting ready to swarm. They have built queen cups that do not have eggs in them. Queen cups are round shaped cups that they build in the middle or the edge of the comb. When the bees swarm, they take the queen and […]

4H District Contest 2017

In the 4H District Contest, I got a purple ribbon and three blue ribbons. The 4H District Contest is a competition for 4H members in lots of different categories from presentations to egg cooking. I did a presentation on growing peppers from seeds, a Trash to Treasure project, a photo and a Craft. For my […]

Rosemary Plant with Second Place Ribbon

4H State Fair Second Place Rosemary

For my 4H Horticulture club, I entered my rosemary plant and got second place. I won a red ribbon and a check for $9.00. The Virginia State Fair has many categories and I entered my plant into the youth herb category. My rosemary is the Tuscan Blue Rosemary.