Green-headed Coneflower

Bee Friendly Plant – Green Headed Coneflower

We recently received a plant for the bees called a green-headed coneflower (Rudbeckia laciniata). Thank you Mrs. J, Master Gardener, for the bee-friendly plant which makes flowers that are sunflower-like perennials (plants that last more than one year) that have a greenish center and yellow petals. These plants are very bee friendly so we hope […]

4H District Contest 2017

In the 4H District Contest, I got a purple ribbon and three blue ribbons. The 4H District Contest is a competition for 4H members in lots of different categories from presentations to egg cooking. I did a presentation on growing peppers from seeds, a Trash to Treasure project, a photo and a Craft. For my […]

Rosemary Plant with Second Place Ribbon

4H State Fair Second Place Rosemary

For my 4H Horticulture club, I entered my rosemary plant and got second place. I won a red ribbon and a check for $9.00. The Virginia State Fair has many categories and I entered my plant into the youth herb category. My rosemary is the Tuscan Blue Rosemary.