Hive Update Winter 2019 – Dead Hives and Updated Website

Coming out of fall, I had two strong hives. When winter came, there was too much moisture in our backyard and we noticed mold on the outside of the hives. We looked inside the top bar hive observation window and saw more mold and mostly dead bees on the bottom screen. On a nice day, […]

Hive in Snow

Winter Hive Update

This winter we had lots of snow. There were two big snow storms with temperatures dropping below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter it’s not hard to keep your bees healthy. You have to make sure that you keep the hive entrances open from snow or other objects. Thankfully,the bees still survived the conditions. Now […]

Honey Bees Bearding on Langstroth Hive

Bee Hive Update October 2017

A week ago on Sunday (not yesterday), we found the bees bearding on the side of the hive. We were worried for a little that they were running out of room and trying to swarm, especially because in our last inspections we found lots of queen cups and a couple of queen cells. We called […]

Honey Bee Queen Cells In Middle of Frame

New Bee Hive Fall 2017

Recently my Langstroth hive has died out from wax moths and mold. We didn’t want to start a whole new colony because it’s getting close to fall and winter and we were afraid that they would just die out in the winter. This is because there is no big nectar flow from now to then […]

New Queen Bee Found

Hive Update – New Queen Found and Marked First Queen

We found out why there was worker brood in the top bar hive. There is a queen! I got to mark my first queen (this year is yellow) before we put her back in the hive. Here is the video of me marking my first queen. We think that she is from when we put […]

Superseding The Honeybee Queen

Superseding is what honeybees do when their queen is sick and can’t lay eggs right. If she is not laying eggs, they will take a larva and turn it into a queen by feeding it royal jelly longer than worker and drone bee larvae. The supersedure cells are usually in the middle of the frame. […]

Queen Cup On Comb

Hive Update March 2017

My hive is doing good but it looks like the bees are getting ready to swarm. They have built queen cups that do not have eggs in them. Queen cups are round shaped cups that they build in the middle or the edge of the comb. When the bees swarm, they take the queen and […]

Extracting Honey

Extracting honey from the comb isn’t as hard as it looks. It’s simple if you know what you’re doing. I went to my mentor, Mr. H’s, house to extract the honey. We started the day off inspecting the hive to see if there was honey to extract in the hive.  We also did inspections on […]

My First Field Day

On my first field day Mr.H showed the group how to do a beehive inspection. First you take the top off the hive and then you smoke the bees.  Then you want to break the propolis with the tool. Mr. H. told us not to shove the frame with the tool into the other frame […]