Honey Bees Bearding on Langstroth Hive

Bee Hive Update October 2017

A week ago on Sunday (not yesterday), we found the bees bearding on the side of the hive. We were worried for a little that they were running out of room and trying to swarm, especially because in our last inspections we found lots of queen cups and a couple of queen cells. We called […]

Wax Moth Webbing

Hive Update – Top Bar Hive Dead

Recently my top bar hive has been overrun by wax moths. In my last post, I talked about how the Langstroth bees were robbing the top bar bees because of the Honey Bee Healthy sugar water. We left the comb in the hive last week but when we took it out this week, there was […]

Bee Communication

This is my presentation on bee communication I gave to my 4H bee club. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

Superseding The Honeybee Queen

Superseding is what honeybees do when their queen is sick and can’t lay eggs right. If she is not laying eggs, they will take a larva and turn it into a queen by feeding it royal jelly longer than worker and drone bee larvae. The supersedure cells are usually in the middle of the frame. […]

Honeybees Festooning in Top Bar Hive

Honeybees Festooning

In the picture it shows bees festooning in my top bar hive. Festooning happens when the bees build a bridge across the bars. Some people think different theories about why bees festoon. They think it could be to build comb or fix comb or to measure the space between the combs. Researchers say that they […]

Honeybee Queen Lays Eggs

This video shows a queen bee laying her egg in a brood cell. The queen is marked with a blue dot. I got this video at the McDonald’s Garden Center Outdoor Show.  These frames of bees are from Ms. R’s of Hampton Roads Beekeepers topbar hive.

A Story of a Migratory Bee

This is a 4H project that I am doing on migratory honeybees. A migratory honeybee is a bee that travels from one place to another to help pollinate plants. I had to find which crops were grown in a 50-mile radius of where I live. Then I had to find out when they bloomed. Then […]