My Winning Photography

I entered in the Virginia State Fair this year and entered my photo and some plants.  The plants I entered were a dish garden, a succulent (Echeveria agavoides), and my aloe plant. My photo was a picture of a frozen dandelion, titled “Frozen Dandelion in Micro Lens”. It got second place in the Youth Creative […]

Bee Communication

This is my presentation on bee communication I gave to my 4H bee club. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

4H District Contest 2017

In the 4H District Contest, I got a purple ribbon and three blue ribbons. The 4H District Contest is a competition for 4H members in lots of different categories from presentations to egg cooking. I did a presentation on growing peppers from seeds, a Trash to Treasure project, a photo and a Craft. For my […]

Rosemary Plant with Second Place Ribbon

4H State Fair Second Place Rosemary

For my 4H Horticulture club, I entered my rosemary plant and got second place. I won a red ribbon and a check for $9.00. The Virginia State Fair has many categories and I entered my plant into the youth herb category. My rosemary is the Tuscan Blue Rosemary.

4H District Contest 2016

I went to the 4H District Contest two weekends ago. I did a power point presentation on extracting honey. You had a make a presentation and present it to the judges and answer any questions they asked you. I was doing a presentation on entomology. One of the question the judge asked me after my […]

A Story of a Migratory Bee

This is a 4H project that I am doing on migratory honeybees. A migratory honeybee is a bee that travels from one place to another to help pollinate plants. I had to find which crops were grown in a 50-mile radius of where I live. Then I had to find out when they bloomed. Then […]

Anatomy of a Honeybee

I am posting this because in my club we are doing something called a Skillathon. We have to learn the basic body parts of a bee. The honeybee is an insect so it has three basic body parts. They are the head, thorax, and abdomen. Insects also have six legs, two antennae and some have […]

All About Honey

This was my presentation all about honey.  We have to do this because at 4H Beekeepers if you do a presentation, you will get one step closer to getting a hive.  I chose honey because I already knew a lot about honey and there are so many things that it can do.  It was a […]

My First Field Day

On my first field day Mr.H showed the group how to do a beehive inspection. First you take the top off the hive and then you smoke the bees.  Then you want to break the propolis with the tool. Mr. H. told us not to shove the frame with the tool into the other frame […]

The First Bee Blog Post

Two months ago I joined the 4H Beekeepers. I’ve been interested for a while but I was too young to do it. I wanted to join the club because I think it would be a better world with more honeybees. Honeybees are important because they pollinate crops so we can enjoy many different foods. When […]