Blue Water Bee Naturals

Blue Water Bee Naturals offers products made from my hive resources. Most people think of only honey when they think of honey bee hives, but actually there are many other products that can be harvested from a bee hive. I use these other resources to make products like balms and tinctures.

Since I only have one to two hives at a time, I don’t always have the materials to make my products. In my ingredients list, I always list any materials from my own hives that I use in my products as a “Backyard” ingredient (like backyard beeswax, backyard honey, etc.). If it is an ingredient I do not get from my hive, I always try to find the best ingredients like organic or all natural ingredients.

When I harvest materials from my hives, I only take what the honey bees don’t need. Most of materials come from when a hive dies. I keep a few frames of pollen, honey and wax and freeze them for when I start a new hive. The rest of the frames I take for its resources.

Here is a list of some of the materials I get from my hives:

  • Beeswax – this is what the honey bees make and build on the frames to hold their brood and food. When I take the wax, I have to remove it from the hive frame and melt it down and filter it.
  • Honey – the most popular resource from a honey bee hive. I only take what the bees don’t need and only after saving a few honey frames in the freezer for them to get through the last part of winter.
  • Propolis – this is often called bee glue and the bees use it to seal up little cracks in their hive. It is a sticky substance when it’s warm made from parts of trees and plants. It has antimicrobial properties.

There are other resources that you can get from a bee hive like pollen which some people take as a health supplement as well as stings from honey bees which some people use to help their immune system.

You can find my hive products that are available through my Shop page