My Winning Photography

I entered in the Virginia State Fair this year and entered my photo and some plants.  The plants I entered were a dish garden, a succulent (Echeveria agavoides), and my aloe plant.
My photo was a picture of a frozen dandelion, titled “Frozen Dandelion in Micro Lens”. It got second place in the Youth Creative Arts category for Digital Manipulation photos.
Another thing I entered was a turtle painting that I made with background colors in geometric shapes. The painting is supposed to represent the beach and ocean. The colors show the ocean, sand, and other colors I thought would represent the beach and summer. I painted the shapes for a sort of “turtle shell” in the background. The patterns on the actual wheel of the turtle is flowers, leaves and different patterns.
I also entered a my photo into the 4-H Citywide Visual Arts contest in the Pungo Strawberry Festival last May. That photo was the one I entered in the Virginia State Fair last year, the one of the honey bee in flight and won first place in the Youth Creative Arts category. I got a Blue Ribbon for this photo and won Third Place in the Voter’s Choice contest.
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