Hive Update Winter 2019 – Dead Hives and Updated Website

Coming out of fall, I had two strong hives. When winter came, there was too much moisture in our backyard and we noticed mold on the outside of the hives. We looked inside the top bar hive observation window and saw more mold and mostly dead bees on the bottom screen. On a nice day, we went into both of the hives and discovered that both hives had died. We know the Langstroth hive didn’t swarm because we found the dead marked queen on a frame. We took all the frames out of the hives and rendered the wax and harvested the honey. But most of the honey was fermented because of all the moisture. We are probably not going to get more hives until we can fix the moisture problem since most of my hives have become weak and died because of mold.

Molded Outer Cover of Bee Hive

Molded Outer Cover of Bee Hive

I recently updated my website. Now there is a different layout with additional features. I added a page for my photos that I have taken. I don’t have a shop on the website yet, but I am going to open an Etsy account where all my products will be available.

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