Honey Bee Queen Cells In Middle of Frame

New Bee Hive Fall 2017

Recently my Langstroth hive has died out from wax moths and mold. We didn’t want to start a whole new colony because it’s getting close to fall and winter and we were afraid that they would just die out in the winter. This is because there is no big nectar flow from now to then so they wouldn’t have much to eat. Another local beekeeper was selling his hives and nucs (which are a 5-10 frame hive). We were going to buy a nuc but ended up buying the full hive. There are 3 boxes on now (1 honey super, 2 brood chambers). There is also a queen.

When we went into the hive for the first time we couldn’t find the queen and there were a lot of hive beetles and queen cups and queen cells. The second time we went in the queen cups were gone. We found the queen a little bit later and marked her with a yellow dot. They have a lot of honey and good brood. We also did the varroa mite check and only had two per hundred bees. I’m glad that I’ve gotten my new bees.

Honey Bee Queen Cup In Middle of Frame

Honey Bee Queen Cup In Middle of Frame

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  1. The queen cup looks like a barnacle attached to the honey comb. I guess one of the benefits of royalty is always having a bigger space!

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