New Queen Bee Found

Hive Update – New Queen Found and Marked First Queen

We found out why there was worker brood in the top bar hive. There is a queen! I got to mark my first queen (this year is yellow) before we put her back in the hive. Here is the video of me marking my first queen. We think that she is from when we put […]

Grinch Green Sea Turtle

Turtle Release

A couple of days ago I went to see a turtle release done by the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum. I wanted to share these cool pictures and videos so you could see it.  The year’s naming theme for the aquarium’s rescued turtles was Crayola colors and last year’s theme was spices. These were […]

Langstroth With Feeder

Hive Update – Queen Found and Worker Brood?

For my Langstroth hive, we have added a new super to the hive. I now have three boxes which contain two brood chambers and one honey super. We also added a sugar feeder that Mr. H gave to me as a birthday present when I earned my new hive. In our last inspection, we were […]